Crete. Only pictures.

    I promised a pause.

    Then felt bereft at the thought of not posting today.

    Minty’s kotch of the week.

    I haven’t written a word all week. Dark clouds descended for a while, but thankfully they’ve lifted already. With so little activity a depression was to be expected.

    Fried earth. Short through by inch high lily.

    Next week Greek restrictions will lift a little – no forms will be necessary for stepping out, a few small shops will open, and best of all, we’ll be allowed to swim. Travel will be restricted to within our region of domicile.

    We expect to be on the site at least another month, and on Crete perhaps for another two.

    “Which one’s mine?” “You’re the pet, Pet.”

    The heat drove me to illegal dips twice last week, it’ll be twice a day next week.

    Never swim naked…

    In other news…

    Two cats were taken for the snip, and were playing as usual the very next day. Two more, maybe three, will make that journey of change in the days to come.

    Scissor Sisters sleep it off.

    They all (the cats) decided that drinking from the awkward watering can was so much better than the easy access washing up bowl of water Minty fills for them daily.

    Gallon drunk. George struggles to get to the hard stuff.

    Our German friends prepared goat for campsite family dinner. We won’t be rushing to the next serving. It was all a bit too real for minimal meat eaters like us.

    A week in the pot and I’ll be tougher than shoe leather.

    The 30m waterfall wasn’t in particularly high flow, but was a pleasing sight at the end of a tough walk through the scrub.

    Milona Falls. Come in winter they said. Well, we just might.
    Minty under water(fall).

    Protomagia is another big holiday here, but the first of May will be celebrated at a later date. Nonetheless the site owners brought us eggs from their chickens and olive oil from their trees. People make garlands and wreaths and even the hard kids on their motorbikes drape a wreath over the headlight.

    Garlands for May 1st.

    And Boris bounced back full of bluster, but without answers. It’s interesting that different countries have done very different things, yet few truly stand out as having found the ideal response to the virus.


    The Coronacoaster continues with national moods and markets heaving sighs of relief before plunging to new depths of despair. We’ll be back with a full report next week, and we’ll send your weekly dose of sunshine.

    Serene. Abandoned resort. Lock it up. Build a new one.

    In the meantime, stay safe.

    Much love from The Wanderers.

    En route to the falls. Tough. Beautiful.
    Blue skies and pine scent.
    Hard to make him out, but this hornet was bigger than my thumb.
    Pink spot. Angelica.
    And her cousin Angelica.
    And their cousin Angelica.
    A passion for UFOs.

    14 Replies to “Crete. Only pictures.”

    1. Rachael Smart says: Reply

      This has been a bright burst of vitality for me. The colour of the flowers, sea dips and falling water. Missing the sea deeply and the lines of the land. Wishing you both continued health and some sort of freedom soon.

      1. Kelvin Collins says: Reply

        R – good to hear from you. 
        There can’t be many people more lucky than us in the strange situation we’re all in. 
        Having the sea so close, but strictly out of bounds has been such a tease, I intend to be up early and swimming with the creature on Monday morning.
        I hope you’re doing OK, or ideally better than that.

    2. Lovely pictures, mother nature in all her glory, not much colour here sadly the daffs gone now, just a few of Judith’s cowslips (very pretty) my red azelia in full bloom though as I managed, yet again, to spare it from night time frost with a cover when warned.

      1. Graham Flower says: Reply

        Great to hear the black dog did not last long. Wish I could swim here noticed a few brave hearts in the Clevedon open air sea pool today. Maybe next week ! Pub now completed in summer house with monoplex using old presentation projector now showing some great concerts on DVD. Village had come together and draft beer and cider being delivered. Stay safe Graham & Justine

        1. Kelvin Collins says: Reply

          I’m listening to a good podcast called How To Survive An Apocalypse, presented from the Dog & Bastard pub in the main man’s garden, but I bet he can’t claim a cinema too!
          Monoplex sounds good. I reckon that’ll be what I call the office/tv room i’m working on in my head for Cornwall.
          Great to hear from you – give the sea a try, it can’t be that bad (can it?).

      2. Kelvin Collins says: Reply

        Keeping an azalea going where you live is an achievement Rick.
        We have plenty of colour, but no one to share it with, except on the blog.

    3. The Marmites says: Reply

      To see a Cornish Wanderer email in my inbox when not expecting it brought me so much joy, I hadn’t realised how much I look forward to hearing of your weekly adventures big or small. Whilst shorter than usual, it did not disappoint at all. Such uplifting photos (well…maybe naked ones aside 🤣) Keep writing and posting photos, even if it’s just a sentence and one pic 🙏🏼 Much love from the Marmites xxxx

      1. Kelvin Collins says: Reply

        Thank you The Marmites!

    4. Oh dear – ok, time for a short intervention:
      The annual meat consumtion per capita in Germany is 61 kg, constantly sinking since 2013. In Britain it’s pretty constantly 54 kg. In average it’s about 65 kg in the EU.
      Goat meat is probably the least consumed meat in Germany, far behind guinea pig and German Shepherd!
      You seem to have really interesting neighbours!

      1. Kelvin Collins says: Reply

        Oh God, the thought of eating a kilo, or more, of meat in one week leaves me feeling weak. The thought of doing it the next week as well is beyond thought.
        Goat needs hours of cooking, and at the end of all that time I’m not sure that it’s worth it. 
        I had Guinea Pig in South America many years ago. It was sweet, but a lot of bone for a little meat.
        We were glad to have my roasted aubergine and tomato soup with Greek lentils last night. I doubt I’ll ever stop eating meat, but just a little is enough.
        We are so lucky to have an interesting family here. It’s the first time we have been the youngest in a long time, after me the next youngest is 65, and then the Germans are all in their 70s.
        Tomorrow I can swim (legally). I intend to get up early.
        Thanks and best wishes from Crete.

    5. Gillian Cooper says: Reply

      Hi Guys
      Good to hear from you again
      Lots of colour around at the moment
      Our garden looks fab at the moment spending lots of time in it with Polly cat
      Lovely pic’s of Polly dog
      Luv all the cats what are you going to do with them when you leave
      All good hear
      Stay safe
      Luv D&G

      1. Kelvin Collins says: Reply

        Thanks Gill.
        Always good to hear from you. We should do another call soon.
        It was getting rather warm here until today when we had a couple of massive thunder storms  – I was up a mountain and was pelted with hail for a while, but I was dry again by the time I got back to the van.
        I hope the sun keeps shining for you both.
        Love from VanLife.

    6. Hi all,
      I don’t comment enough but love your words and pics and experiences.
      Keep it up.
      Love A x

      1. Kelvin Collins says: Reply

        Cheers Andrew.
        Comments always welcome, but I know it’s not always easy to think what to say.
        Best to you both on VE Day.

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