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2019 – Tour 3

We made it to the Black Sea, but it wasn’t black at all. We nipped home for an Mot and a quick visit to friends and family then fled before the Brexit that never was. It’ll be a fast drive down through Europe to Greece and then we’ll put the brakes on for a few winter months before we hit the road again. Comments are always welcome on the blog. Real face to face visits are welcome too. There are a few lined up already. See you on the road, or on the line. Best from KC, AC and PTC.


This will be a big one (we hope)!

Minty has left her job, KC has sold The Cornish Way, and Polly has, well, Polly hasn’t done anything remarkable.

We’ve rented the house to a great couple who will continue to holiday let ArchavonStudio, and we’ve taken to the road.

The plan is deliberately loose, starting with the North Coast 500 before heading to Scandinavia and then dropping down through the Baltic states and Eastern Europe.

We hope to travel slow, perhaps work here and there, and maybe rent a place in Southern Europe during the colder months.

It’ll be fun, but it’ll also be a test. A test of each other, especially in communications. A test of our ability to live in a small space, be almost constantly on the move, and have none of the usual distractions from work and the local community.

I’m writing this in Scotland having completed a few legs of the NC500. It’s already incredible, and we already know that any amount time is never enough! There is so much to see.

This is a new mapping tool we’re trying from Tripline. It’ll get better as we go along as the developer will soon add the ability to snap to specific routes. That’s good as the road we’ve taken to date is spectacular but not accurately represented here.

Do add comments or questions to the blog – we love it when people get in touch.


We’re on the road in the September, for the first time in Archie Van.

Scared, not really. Excited, most certainly.

This trip is in 2 halves. First half is Kelvin and Polly dog on a road trip from St Just to Slovenia, trying the van, catching up with friends, taking life a bit slower.

Mid September, Amanda joins them in Slovenia and we’ll take the next 2 weeks to trundle wherever we fancy, with the thought that we’ll need to head back to Cornwall towards the end of September.

Here’s a map tracking our progress and route. Press the icon top left of the map, next to the map heading, for bit more detail and pics. See you on the road.

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