About us

This is a tale of adventure.

Of big change.

Of a new life and new experiences on the road.

It’s about embracing the beauty of the world around us, near and far.

And achieving a greater happiness through awareness of that beauty.

It starts with life as we know it, but life between a home and a wheeled place.

It starts when we both have jobs that the world understands, that we can explain to our mums.

It starts with the big conversation, that led to the big conversion.

There’s the fear of the expense.

The fear of changing how we live our lives.

And it’s about the excitement too. Lots of excitement!

We’re not the first to take to the road, or to write this story, but this is our version, and we can’t wait to get on with it.


Amanda: A 70s child from North Yorkshire. A planner and organiser, who makes projects happen. Years in project and account management, helping to create great advertising, magazines, websites, apps and more.

Kelvin: A 60s boy from the far west of Cornwall. A dreamer, who thinks up the big schemes. Years of leading teams, writing dreams, and looking after guests at The Cornish Way.

Polly: A young at heart Poodle Collie cross from Dartmoor. A star of TV ads and mascot for the brand, a snarler at Dalmations, and a great catch.