Lefkada Skyline. A Greek Winter. Wk III

After the rains. Look at our photos you could be forgiven if you think that the sun shines eternal on Lefkada. It doesn’t. When it rains it’s a different heavenly experience, one of open skies. Water gushes down the street, every roof creates a waterfall, and the sea forgets all that aquamarine business and takes […]

A Greek Winter. Brushing through Thyme. WkII.

The road. Keeping the van moving along the big main roads is easy. You can do it for hours. Driving the van well through the uncared for winding lanes of a Greek island, avoiding the worse bits that’ll shred your tyres, and maintaining a smooth ride for your passengers. Now that’s a different story. Sometimes […]

Slovakian cliffhangers, at the vets and in the gorge.

An extended stay in Slovakia. The dog’s need for treatment will keep us in Slovakia a week longer than we had planned, but when we’re not worried about her we’re making a thoroughly good time of it. Rain is forecast frequently here, but it doesn’t always fall. Saturday morning’s expected downfall turned out to be […]